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About Me




I am a wildlife artist, based in Norfolk. I started selling my work in 2016, launching my first exhibition at Beretta Gallery, London. Since then, I have exhibited at places like The Game Fair, Scottish Game Fair, British Shooting Show & The House of Bruar.


I am a wildlife artist, working on animals from around the world. I intend to create striking images in charcoal, capturing the beauty of the animal. I love using negative space to bring the piece to a minimalistic and intentional place. I believe the animal itself deserves the space to be seen for its purity. 

I regularly do commission based projects, working from personal photos. Check out my latest work HERE!


My work is all from photo stimuli. I work mainly in the mediums of charcoal & chalk, using my hands, a dry brush and a rubber to blend and apply. My journey started with acrylic and oil paintings and so I try to keep those disciplines alive when I can. All of my prints are made with bamboo fine art paper and cards are 100% recycled. Being conscious of environmental impact is incredibly important to me.


I believe art is about capturing a moment in time, an emotion, a movement, a snapshot of this fascinating world and the life we create. My hope is that the work will stir memories and touch each viewer in vastly different ways and it is my joy to create the work for that sort of personal connection.


My goals for 2022 are to exhibit at lots of different country/shooting/game fair shows, mainly to figure out which ones work best for me. I have a few large scale african pieces on the to do list, as well as plenty of deer! I'm working towards my DSC Level 2 and so hopefully will be out in the field more.


I am pledging 3% of my profits to charities that support the conservation of wildlife. Sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with which charity I'm currently supporting.

Charities I have supported so far include Blood Origins, Moorland Association Group, The Gamekeeper's Welfare Trust & British Deer Society.


Check out my feature on the Fieldsports Channel:

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